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Ballard*King & Associates was established in 1992 by Ken Ballard and Jeff King in response to the need for market-driven and reality-based planning for recreation facilities. B*K has achieved 20 years of success by realizing that each client’s needs are specific and unique. With over 50 combined years of facility management and planning experience in the collegiate, public, non-profit and private sector, our consulting firm has completed over 500 projects in 48 states and has working relationships with more than 100 architects coast-to-coast. We are also honored to be the recipient of five Athletic Business Facilities of Merit Awards.

B*K forms a consulting team that provides a variety of pre-and post-design services for clients who are considering construction of a sports, recreation, aquatic, or wellness facility. Our vast practical experience enables us to guide clients through the challenges of planning, constructing, opening and operating a facility. From pinpointing specifics to broad visions, B*K provides services to ensure the long-term success of your project.

B*K offers a broad range of services that can be integrated into a design team or contracted independently. Some of our services include: feasibility studies, operations analysis, maintenance cost estimates, revenue projections, staffing levels, budgeting, marketing plans and third party design review. Additionally, we perform audits for existing facilities as well as recreation master plans.

By bringing practical, proven experience to a project we can accurately represent the client’s best interests. B*K has a keen awareness of the impact a sports or recreational facility has on a college campus and subsequently the department that operates it. Thanks to our extensive field experience we are able to provide assistance with practical tools, an uncommon ability to see the overlooked and view your project from a wealth of expertise and knowledge.

Teamwork is a core aspect of our company. We work together ensuring all clients are receiving the wealth of knowledge our B*K team brings. The success of any project begins with an integrated, mutually valued approach to the individual needs and goals of each client. Thus, we team with you and for you. First and foremost to B*K is our reputation of being a company of strong ethical character. Our top concern is our client’s best interests and our approach is always honest and down-to-earth. We aim to help each client see the full potential of their project by providing trustworthy services to achieve their goal.

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