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Civic Park Community Center Feasibility Study

O'Fallon, Missouri

Civic Hall was an 8,000 square foot community facility located in Civic Park. The benefit to the community was that this facility provided the Recreation Department with additional space for programs and rentals. However, in 2010 the facility had to be closed because of aging infrastructure and the cost associated with bringing the facility back into compliance with code. Subsequently the City of O'Fallon master plan had identified a need for an indoor recreation facility of some variety in the northern half of O'Fallon.

The focus of this study was to determine the costs associated with the re-development of the original Civic Hall along with including components that would compliment the amenities in the City's current recreation center, RSC. B*K's role in the project was to review the demographics of the community, provide facility recommendations and develop a comprehensive operations analysis for the facility.

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