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Drury University - Weiser Gymnasium Renovation

Springfield, Missouri

Weiser Gymnasium is a landmark building on the Drury University Campus. Originally a surplus airplane hanger donated to the University by the War Department it has served as the competitive arena for Men's and Women's basketball and Women's Volleyball. Over the years additional structures have been connected to Wesier, Barber Fitness Hall and the Hutchens HPER Center. With the completion of the O'Reily Events Center in 2010 the sports that Weiser Gymnasium has served as the main competitive arena for will have a new competitive venue, leaving Weiser vacant.

The University in contracting with B*K and Butler Rosenbury & Partners to develop Weiser into a state-of-the-art student fitness and wellness facility. B*K's role in the development of Weiser is to provide a competitive market analysis with institutions Drury has identified, lead focus group and user input sessions, make recommendations for the facility program and finally develop a sustainable operating budget with the Operations Performance Indicator Analysis.

Drury University

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