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Pittsford Parks & Recreation Master Plan Update & Feasibilty Study Review

Pittsford, New York

The Town of Pittsford has a very well thought of Parks & Recreation Master Plan and what they refer to as a GreenPrint that was completed in the 1990s. As youth sports groups in the Town have continued to grow the Town and School District have been challenged to meet those group's needs. As a result of the School District completing a field use assessment the Town thought it would be prudent to update their own Master Planning efforts specific to allocation of field space.

B*K was contacted by the Town to go through a series of exercises to assist in determining the need as it relates to field use and determine any associated gaps in fields. Additionally the Town requested that B*K review and update a feasibility study for a new community center completed by a community driven group in 2002.

B*K's scope of services for the Town included reviewing existing documents, leading a series of focus groups, updating the field allocation of the Master Plan and updating the feasibility study for a new community center.

To learn more about the Town and their Parks & Recreation Department go here

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