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Photograph courtesy of Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture

Photograph courtesy of Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture

Waunakee Village Center

Waunakee, Wisconsin

The Village of Waunakee initially set out to build a senior center. Early in the process however, they realized the value of meeting the needs of all the community and with public input decided to build this multigenerational facility that is now enjoyed by patrons of all ages. The center took five years of planning but the results were worth the wait. The center was built on the site of an old abandoned canning factory in the inner city area of Waunakee. The center has brought new life into both the area and its residents.

The facility features include a senior center space offering services for health, fitness, meals and social interaction. The center also incorporates areas for all age groups including a gymnasium, cardio fitness area, fitness area, elevated walk/jog track, multi-purpose spaces, computer lab, commercial kitchen and banquet space with activity platform.

B*K performed the feasibility study for this award winning facility with the following scope of services: market analysis, citizen participation, programming, and operations analysis. The center has outperformed its fiscal expectations.

For more information please go to: Waunakee Village Center

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